Experts on complex solutions and bottom-up solutions for all problems related with data and Data Science.


Helping in difficult data situations where the internal data team is not enough.


We cover all types of data-related development: Data Engeering, Data Analytics Business Intelligence and Machine Learning.


It is not enough to send the team on a discovery quest on the internet, it is important to ensure that they learn and do so from a reputable source. 

Advisory on Data Projects

Data Auditing

Old (and not-so-old) data systems tend to get messy with time and, after some handovers they just become black boxes. We analyze your current situation and give you a detailed review and a roadmap for improvements.

Digital Improvement Roadmap

We can work together on defining how digital integration and better exploitations of your data can improve your processes and business day to day.

Proof of Concept

You have a specific need but lack the internal capacity (either in manpower or specific out-of-box knowledge) to research this topic. We study your needs and bring you possible solutions and proofs of concept so that your team can take it from there.

Advisory on Data Teams

On boarding

We make sure new members are up to speed and we train them in all the skills they’ll need for the project. We verify and ensure the results of the training.

Team leading

Our certified Project Manager offers services of managing teams and projects to ensure scope and time.

Off boarding

We audit the data and processes, and make sure all is documented and no critical process will be affected when personnel leave the project.


Digital change

If you want to improve your company’s treatment of data, we can create an array of data collection, a system for data storing as well as final applications and reports for your data.

Industry 4.0 algorithms

Define and implement algorithms to boost your company with AI.

Full stack development

We work with you and your team to develop whole Data Science projects.


Adapted training

We create workshops to work with data close to you, making the learning easier and more relevant.

Anywhere, anytime, anyhow

We offer webinars and in-person training

Stay in touch

We offer post-training assistance in case of doubts or even when you are trying to implement what you learnt with us.

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